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Nitsan Bennet

I started my path in hospitality 27 years ago.
I was first trained at Pizza Hut as a restaurant manager and worked there for five years.  After that i managed private establishments for 10 years and started consulting 14  years ago.

What is it that I actually do with restaurants and all other operations in the industry ?

Increase the operating profit to 12%-20% depending on the type of food operation.

Monitor food & labor costs by making sure that the F.C+L.C don't go beyond 60% all together; from the net incomeI.

Implement cloud based applications which help our clients reach these goals.


Shiran Levi Kraicer

Hospitality & Restaurant consultant.

I started my path in hospitality 19 years ago and have gathered my experience working in New York, Vancouver and in Israel in various types of establishments: from fine dining to casual type of service, pubs, cocktail bars and events. 

Working from the bottom up has given me a soli understanding of the industry, how it works and how it should work! 

I studied Hospitality & restaurant business management at The Culinary Art Institute of Vancouver as well as WSET wine courses. 

The most Important value i strive to achieve through my work is the need for Remarketing 100% of the time. 

I work with owners & managers of working establishments to better achieve their goals and with new businesses mostly on developing  the F.O.H infrastructure in order to promote a successful, practical and efficient workplace.


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